Best Phone Spy Apps:spy app for android

Mobile spyware or spy app for android is software for monitoring smartphones. These types of apps help track incoming and outgoing phone calls, SMS and location. These applications are hidden and not defined for the end user. This software also tracks GPS location, browser activity and messages from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Below is a list of the best spying apps with popular features and links to websites. The file contains open source software (free) and commercial (paid).

1) SPY24 spy app for android

SPY24 is a phone tracking application that allows you to remotely monitor your child’s activity without any problems. This allows you to view all messages without hassle. This tool allows you to check the location of the GPS device.

It runs in the background.
This application encrypts and protects your data.
Provides update of target phone activity every 5 minutes.
It offers multilingual support.
You can read incoming or outgoing text messages.

SPY24 Monitoring is the next generation of software for monitoring smartphones. This mobile tracker app records incoming and outgoing phone calls, sms and surroundings. It tracks GPS location, browser activity and messages from apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Skype and Line. With the free trial we offer, you can also test the app.

Use it for SPY24
This app can be used to:

look after your children. You can keep an eye on your children to prevent their harm.
tracking your employees. You can monitor your employees to see if they are using your phone or time for other reasons.
Backup – Back up data from your phone.
tracking your phone if it has been stolen or if you have lost your phone.

How to use it

Install. Install the app on the phone you want to monitor. You can install the app for free and you will have a free trial. GPS will always be tracked for free.

Log in. The cellular tracking app uploads actions to your secure online account. You can view all actions when you log in to this server using the account you created when installing the application.

Monitoring remotely

SPY24 Monitoring uses your smartphone’s Internet connection to send data to our server. You can then remotely monitor the logs from our server. You will need to log in to our server using the email and password provided when registering the app on your smartphone.

SPY24 monitoring functions

Record calls
Phone tracker
Sms tracker
Free trial
WhatsApp tracker
GPS tracker
Remote monitor
Integrates with contacts
Remote commands
IOS support
Supports Android
Video tracker
Hmmm tracker
Browser tracker
Instagram tracker
Tinder tracker
Facebook tracker
System logs
Calendar tracker
Skype tracker
Viber tracker
Contact tracker
Telegram tracker
Line tracker
Application tracker
Hike tracker
Block programs
Block numbers
Web block
Kick tracker
Tango coach
Wi-Fi notification
Remote deletion
Snapchat tracker
Hangouts tracker
Video tracker
Twitter tracker
Internet control live
BBM tracker
WeChat tracker
VK tracker
Phone tracker

What is SPY24 monitoring?
SPY24 Monitoring – the best mobile spy application. This mobile spy tracker is used by parents to protect their children from the dangerous world of the Internet, such as cyberbullying, sexting or harmful content that is freely distributed on the Internet. This spyware tracker comes with many features such as social media tracker (Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat and many more), recording phone calls, SMS tracking and many more. Are you worried about the safety of your children? SPY24 monitoring is the best solution for your Android phone.

Why is SPY24 monitoring the best tracking app?
Our spy mobile app is considered the best choice because of its sophisticated features. WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber or Snapchat are used as the main way to communicate for teens. With SPY24 Monitoring you will be able to remotely monitor all messages of these applications, even without ROOT access. All phone activity will be available by simply installing the app on the phone you want to track. Our simple installation process can take only about 5 minutes and does not require any technical skills. Check now our mobile spy app for free to download. We offer a free 3-day risk-free trial. Once you are satisfied with all the tracking features of the app, you have the option to subscribe at a very affordable price. We don’t think there is a better spyapp option on the market. SPY24 Monitoring was released in 2013, it has millions of users and it is always updated to better track all new versions of Android.

What can you use SPY24 monitoring for?
SPY24 monitoring can be used as a spy monitor for Android phone. The two main reasons for its use are parental control and employee monitoring. Rest assured that your children are always safe and your employees are productive. Tracking your phone if it has been lost or stolen is also a reason to use our mobile spy software.

Is SPY24 monitoring free?
SPY24 Monitoring offers a free trial. Just download and install the app on the phone you want to monitor. No credit card required. Our phone monitoring app also offers GPS tracking for FREE. Now monitoring SPY24 also offers a promo. You can buy a FULL annual subscription for $ 35, which includes all the features of the app – Offer a limited time of 60% SALE. There is no free spyware application that offers a great package of tracking features. You should stay away from websites that claim to offer espionage using only a phone number, or that offer a trial that requires a credit card.

What does SPY24 Monitoring track?
SPY24 Monitoring is a complete app for tracking your phone. Use the app as a complete phone monitor solution. You can record phone calls, track sms or mm, track GPS location, track and manage apps used on your phone, multimedia spy for photos or movies, track all websites you visit, spy on many social networking apps such as Whatsa Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram or Ticket. All text messages on social networks are available without ROOT. Track contacts or actions in the calendar. Use remote control commands to record surroundings or take pictures.

Which phones does SPY24 Monitoring monitor?
We recommend tracking your Android phone. We have solutions for iPhones, but generally require a broken iCloud phone or password. Tracking with an iCloud password is not reliable. In general, jailbreaks are not available. SPY24 Monitoring is a complete Android tracking application.

How to use SPY24 monitoring?
Download SPY24 monitoring. Install SPY24 Monitoring on the phone you want to track. Create your account when you open the Android app. The same account will be used to log in to our website. After installing the app you will be able to remotely control your Android phone. Make sure you follow the installation instructions, which include disabling Play Protect. When you turn on Play Defense the app can be removed or disabled. When the app is uninstalled, you can no longer receive updates about your phone’s activity. All spyware applications cannot work if the application is removed. To spy on a cell phone, you may also have to disable any task killer. Stay away from all the high-profile advertising that offers hacking solutions to hack anyone’s phones. You will need access to this phone to track your phone.

How to spy Whatsapp messages?
Install SPY24 Monitoring, and during the installation process you will need to enable availability and access to notifications. Accessibility features are used to receive Whatsapp outgoing messages. It is also used to receive incoming messages when you are chatting and no notifications are displayed (this feature is probably only available for our cellular monitoring app). Access to notifications is required to receive incoming messages from Whatsapp or other messages on social networks. More information on the Whatsapp spy page.

SPY24 Monitoring also offers call recording. Call recording is supported for all Android ve
How to track phone calls?
SPY24 Monitoring also offers call recording. Call recording is supported for all versions of Android, but with Android 10 Accessibility access is also required to record calls. To record calls you will need a subscription that includes call recording and surroundings. Our mobile spy app now also offers a promo, available at a low price of $ 35 per year, and includes call recording.

How to track chat messages?
Once you have installed SPY24 monitoring, enabled accessibility and access to notifications, you will get access to these features: SMS tracker, SMS spy, WhatsApp tracker, Facebook spy or Snapchat spy, Viber tracking, line monitor, hike monitoring, tracking Kik, Hangouts Tracker, Twitter Tracking, WhatsApp Business Tracking, KakaoTalk Monitoring, Imo Spy, Zalo Espionage, Discord Tracker, Trace Messenger Lite, Hike Spy, Instagram Spy, Tinder Monitor, Telegram Monitoring, WeChat Tracker, Monitoring ZOOM, Pinterest track or Likee track. With Android 11 you will need to enable administrator rights because without administrator rights access to accessibility will be disabled. Android Spy is available for a very large list of apps on social networks. More information on the spy pages Whatsapp, Facebook or Snapchat.

How to spy on Facebook or Snapchat messages?
Our spy app fully supports message tracking from Facebook and Snapchat. Just like for Whatsapp spy, we also support incoming message tracking for Facebook and Snapchat – even without displaying notifications, this is one of the unique features of our cellular monitor app. More information on the pages of spy Facebook or spy Snapchat.

How to spy on Android?
Our mobile monitoring app is the best app to spy on Android. You will need unlimited access to the phone you want to track to install our mobile spying solution.

How to spy on Viber messages?
Our mobile monitor app supports spying on Viber messages without Root. Accessibility and access to notifications are required. More information on the Viber Spy page
How to spy on Instagram posts?
Our mobile monitoring program supports spying on Instagram messages without Root. Both incoming and outgoing messages will be recorded. Accessibility and access to notifications are required. More information on the spy Instagram page

How to track phone number?
Our phone monitor app can be used to track your Android phone, but you need to install a spy phone on it. The good thing is that once you install the app on the phone you want to monitor, you will have access to a large number of actions on the phone, not just the GPS position of the phone.

How do I track someone’s location?
Our phone monitoring app can also track the location of your Android phone. The GPS receiver on the phone must be turned on. SPY24 Monitoring – one of the best applications for tracking location cells.

How to track a stolen phone?
SPY24 Monitoring is a complete solution for tracking phones. Once you install the app on the phone you want to monitor, you will also be able to track the phone if it is stolen. You can have basic cellular tracking features such as phone GPS position tracking, you can change the SIM card alert, you can send commands to the phone (e.g. take pictures, record surroundings, set alarm, lock screen or even remotely clear)

How can I block actions on the phone?
Our mobile phone tracker offers parental control features such as app blocking, website blocking or phone call blocking. To block apps we recommend with Android 10 to show a notification about our app. Access to special features is required to block websites. Phone call blocking works up to Android 10. SMS blocking is only available in older versions of Android.

How to find out a person’s location?
By installing our cellular spy on the phone you want to monitor, you will also be able to find out the location of the phone. The location of the phone can be found via Wi-Fi or the phone’s mobile network, but only if the GPS receiver is turned on.

How to legally use a cell spying app?
SPY24 Monitoring is an advanced cell spying application that can be used for parental control or employee monitoring. In general, you need the consent of the person you want to track, but we encourage you to check all applicable laws in your country or state. It is your responsibility to comply with all laws of the country or state where you use this software. SPY24 is not spyware and is not intended for full detection. All Android tracking apps are not completely hidden, even though almost all of them are 100% hidden.
How hard is it to track a phone?
To track your phone you need to install SPY24 Monitoring on the phone you want to track. You do not need additional knowledge about phones or computers to install the app. You must download the app from our site. Open the download link using your phone’s browser. After downloading the .apk file you just need to open the file to install the app on your phone. Our site also has video tutorials that show you how to set up the app on your Android phone.

How to record the neighborhood?
SPY24 monitoring comes with two neighborhood recording options. Our mobile tracker app offers online control – a neighborhood recording command will be sent to the internet, but if the phone does not have internet access, the recording will start when the phone connects to the internet. The second option is to send an SMS command, and this option does not require an Internet connection for the phone.

How to pay for SPY24 monitoring?
You can use Paypal or Stripe to pay for our app. Track your phone by buying a subscription to the phone you want to monitor. In Paypal and Stripe you can use a credit card or other payment methods. In Paypal you can use the money in your Paypal account. Stripe also has support for Google Pay and Apple Pay.

How much does SPY24 monitoring cost?
SPY24 Monitoring is a sophisticated tracking application that sells at a very affordable price. Cell phone tracking is available for a month, 3 months, 6 months and one year, which are available for just $ 10, $ 20, $ 30 and $ 40 respectively. In case you need call recording, a subscription is available for $ 20, $ 40, $ 60 and $ 80. We also recommend using our promo version, which is available for just $ 35 a year – with all the features.

Why SPY24 Monitoring is the best spy app for Android?
SPY24 Monitoring is the best spy app for Android because it is designed exclusively for the Android operating system, and our entire team works daily to develop and improve it to offer you the best tracking app on the market.
If the spyware is used legally?
Spyware can be used legally in general for parental control or to monitor employees. In all cases, we recommend informing the person that you are tracking that all phone activity is being uploaded to our servers. It is mandatory to check all laws in your country / state and you will be responsible for enforcing those laws.

When do you need a spyware program for Android?
A spy app for Android, such as SPY24 Monitoring, is a must if you want to remotely access all Android phone activity. For example, you can access all phone calls (including call recording), sms, images, all chat messages from apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and more. We offer an app that is very easy to use / install. Once the installation process is complete you will have access to almost everything on your phone.

Why is the spy app the best solution for parental controls in teens?
You have to be very careful when using a spy app, but these days, when technology is spreading so fast, a spy app may be needed to keep track of everything your teen is doing online. There are so many dangerous activities online that can affect your child. Cyberbullying, sex publications or pornography can greatly affect your child’s development. With our app you will get access to many apps for chatting, which are generally the preferred method of communication for teens.

Spying on a phone, not a phone number?
If you are spying on the phone, instead of the phone number you will have access to everything on the phone. In general, you will see on internet sites that claim to receive Whatsapp messages by simply providing a phone number. Even if you enter a number that does not exist, they will claim that they received Whatsapp messages and you will still be redirected to the ordering page. Retrieving messages from Whatsapp based only on your phone number will only be possible if you can access a Whatsapp database that is not publicly available. As for tracking a phone number, there may be some information based on the SIM card, but this information is very simple and only available for a limited number of phones. If you want to have full access to your phone, a tracking app like SPY24 Monitoring is the only way to track your phone.

Why SPY24 Monitoring is an exclusive spy app for Android and why is it good for you?
SPY24 Monitoring is an exclusive spy app for Android, as the Android system offers app tracking features. For the iPhone, iOS can only offer GPS tracking. You can create a broken application that will be published not in the App Store, but in Cydia. Unfortunately, there is now no way to jailbreak newer versions of iOS, so it makes no sense to develop a tracking app broken from jail. There are companies that allow you to track the iPhone only with an iCloud password. We stopped tracking with the iCloud password because this method is also not reliable – backups are not updated quickly, there may be problems with two-factor authentication, or even backups are not matched. Here are the reasons why we only specialize in Android Spy Phone, the only system that offers tracking features.

How to ethically use a mobile app to monitor employees?
To ethically use a mobile app to monitor employees, you must inform your employees that they are under surveillance. You can install the app on the phone that your employee uses to work. Once he finishes work, he will also have the option to turn off the phone to maintain privacy.

Can SPY24 monitoring be considered a free spyware application?
SPY24 Monitoring can be considered a free spyware app because it comes with a free, zero risk, three day trial that includes almost all the features of the app. The only limitation in court is that it only offers 3 call records. Based on our research, we never found an app that offers such a trial without a credit card. After the trial period you will still have access to the GPS location of your phone even without an active subscription. If you want to subscribe to our service, you will have the opportunity to buy our app at probably the best price on the market. Our time-limited offer of 60% SALE sells for $ 35 per year (all features included), which is about 2 times cheaper than the monthly rate provided by some other tracking programs.

What is the cheapest and most sophisticated mobile spy app on the market?
There are many tracking applications on the Internet, but based on our research SPY24 Monitoring is the most affordable and sophisticated mobile spy app on the market. Our app also has some unique features such as tracking incoming chat messages for Whatsapp, Facebook and Snapchat or tracking a contact name for Facebook messages. We’re fully committed to updating our app’s tracking features, so expect even more in the near future feature.